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Examples of process

La Terrazza, Positano, Italia, 2009
This painting is the view from Villa Rosa in Positano, Italy.
76 x 61 cm (30" x 24") - from arylic under-painting, to oil painting


Ophelia Reconsiders

Oil on canvas
46 x 61 cm ( 18" x 24")

What if Ophelia decided not to die?


charcoal sketch on canvas

tonal under-painting


changes are made as the composition develops.

acrylic under-painting
Notice the cat tails have been replaced with loosestrife.

There are several meaning making parts to this work.

working in oil



read more to learn
about the inspiration and content of this work.


reproduction possible
18" x 24 image with 2" borders

postcards available at the Baggage Bldg. Arts Ctr.


Ophelia Reconsiders